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Cape Town Gallery

Mandela Day Initiative at Constantia Primary Gallery

Dear WPN Members and Friends of WPN

Our Mandela Day Initiative on Friday, 18 July at Constantia Primary was simply amazing, and I would like to thank each and everyone involved.

Without the likes of WPN, Dulux, Transignal Electrical, Albert Carpets, MSP, GVK, Vidamemoria, Pick n Pay, Hire It and every single person there, this day would quite simply not have been possible. The generous donations from IPD, Smith Tabata Buchanan Boyes and many others brought the principal to tears.

Having Dulux and GVK taking the reins on the day by means of getting everyone into action and organised was phenomenal and is very much appreciated.

The principal, Mrs Johnson, called me this morning and is so overwhelmed by what we did for the school, that she has contacted the local Bulletin and is having them come to the school to see what has been done so that an article can be prepared thanking everyone for their kindness and generosity. Mrs Johnson is also so happy with her office, that she does not want to go home!

THANK YOU to everyone for putting smiles on the faces of staff and children alike – the Grade R’s are also over the moon with their “new look” classroom and toys.

Kind Regards

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