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Cape Town Gallery

Breakfast Networking with Bright Black Gallery

A delightful breakfast hosted at the Radisson Blu and most interesting presentation by sponsor, Bright Black.

We provide a comprehensive range of services in the energy consumption space. These include: reducing energy consumption, increasing profitability and improving the bottom line. BrightBlack has also partnered with Eskom’s Integrated Demand Side Management (IDSM) programme and is ably positioned to render any potential rebates from the IDSM programme for its customers.
Interested businesses and corporations are now able to leverage BrightBlack’s unique ability to identify, specify, procure, project manage, install and finance energy efficiency improvement projects. These interventions generate significant cost savings which are shared between BrightBlack and its customers.

BrightBlack offers a “No save. No pay!” solution. Suitably qualified businesses, together with brightBlack, would gain access to energy saving equipment and energy efficient building solutions, with zero upfront capital expenditure. The BrightBlack approach effectively removes the restrictive barriers preventing building owners, building managers and tenants from implementing, and benefiting from, energy saving initiatives.

Established in 2003, BrighBlack encourages and promotes the uptake of energy efficiency investment technologies and practices in the move towards a low-carbon economy.
BrightBlack works with businesses by sharing expertise and advice and by providing financing solutions to showcase leading-edge approaches to energy efficiency investment.

Partner with BrightBlack. We will significantly increase your energy efficiency; improve the security of your energy supply at zero risk and without the use of your precious capital.

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